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the one where we go to Idalou for some Football #fridaynightlights

  Two of us still have kids at Cooper.  I’m not one of them.  I know, HIGH SCHOOL HERO, remember?  But can you be a HIGH SCHOOL HERO if you are 40+?  I think not.  That’s my argument anyway.  Tell it to the judge.  I’m horrible at night time photography under football lights.  I just am.  I can get a good one every now and then, but I really need a sports camera and a lens.  Really I do.  But it’s kind of a challenge of sorts.  To be in the right place and anticipate the right thing to get a good shot.  I get lucky once in a while.  But it’s dang hard!  It truly is!  So, enjoy this sneak peek, knowing that my football ninja skills will improve over time.  And if you see me at the next football game, let’s take a selfie!  Deal? Oh, don’t forget…more photos at www.kbedz.com.

Love does, Kristin  

the one with those Idalou kids


This will seem like an incredible amount of images to share in a “sneak peek”.  And this is coming from me.  The QUEEN of fat blog posts!  I love images!  But these three are all graduating this year from Idalou, so it’s really like 3 sneak peek, rolled into one.  Two are siblings and they are graduating with their cousins. And because all 3 are pretty much attached at the hip, I just had to photograph them together.

We go way back.  The Craig’s and McGehee’s are people you wanna know.   I’ve watched these kids grow up and have played with them, prayed for them, enjoyed them.  I would welcome them into my home in the middle of the night and treat them as I would my own.  They are those kind of kids and their moms and dads are those kind of people.

We used to all go to Cooper.  And they were a HUGE influence on me when we decided where to place our baby girls many moons ago.  And then slowly, one by one, days went by and people move on.  They now all currently go to Idalou and I’ve happy for them, but must admit to being very sad at first that they were not at our school.

But over time, I’ve gotten used to it and now I love the first game of our seasons and how our paths interact.  We are playing Idalou tonight in football and since I hadn’t shared their sneak peek yet, this is perfect.

And because they have plenty of baby sisters and brothers between them, I’ll be photographing more Wildcats in the future.  Good luck with your senior year, Price, Sydney and Chandler.

Much love and best wishes, ALWAYS.


the one where we meet the Pirates, 2014

As long as they will have me, I’ll be there.

Not even kidding.

My kids are in college, and I’m still in high school apparently.

Wednesday night was MEET THE PRIATE NIGHT at the Pirate Stadium!  I love this night!  Last year, Summer’s senior year, I couldn’t go.  This year?  I made it a point to show up early.  I was ready and waiting for those adorable Pirates!  Of course, I was behind on my fitbit steps as well, and came early to walk the track to get more steps, but hey, it severed a good purpose by knocking out my steps and photographing some adorable Pirates.  Maybe I’m on to something?  Take my camera with me instead of Kanga and I shall build my photo reportoire even more.  No?

The Booster Club knocked this one out of the park!  I’m not even kidding!  Thank you to everyone who worked so hard and volunteered so many hours to cook, clean, set up, bring ice cream, etc.  It’s so great when the community gets out there and has a chance to communicate with out a game going on.  You know?  Kind of neutral ground?

As usual, I will let my “pictures do the talking”.  And as usual, just head on over to the Cooper Gallery to view more.   Remember?


The flag is not flying “half mast” in this photo.  I just took this when they were signing the National Anthem.  I wanted to set the mood on the storm clouds rolling in.  It never poured rain, but it did get very windy and some big drops plopped down a time or two.


Mayci and I have a tradition going now.  LOVE getting this girl flying high!


It’s fun having a Slaton connection with Kenda on the field.  She’s a photographer as well, and it’s always nice to “talk shop” and go nuts together photographing these kids.  HELLO!  Why did we not do a selfie, Kenda?  Next time.  Next time.  Her daughter is a cheerleader AND a v-baller.  I think the girls play over in Frenship this weekend?  Is that just Varsity?  Anyone know?
Oh, Mr. Heinrich.  How you make my day!  Always good for the camera!  And this kid can 2 step like crazy!  He’s been on my blog before AND at several of the weddings I’ve photographed.
The band marched around the track from across the field.  And you know how I feel about our band!  THEY SERIOUSLY ROCK!  And I wanna know where I can get a hat like this?  They were all sporting them.  I hope you don’t have to play an instrument and can fork out cash instead.  HELLO!  You do not want to hear me play an instrument.  Wait.  Maybe the triangle will qualify?  You know the thing they clang when dinner is ready on the ranch?  I could muster up a tune or two on that thing.  Boys were enjoying the food.  It smelled soooooooo good.  And this girl doesn’t eat meat anymore.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t love the smell of that dead caucus roasting on open fire!  HELLO!  Totally yum!  Kind of like the smell of gasoline, or matches.  Or paint.  L O V E this!  Anytime you get a photo of people being happy, you spread a little joy around the world.  Hard to look at it and not smile.  HARD.  GO ahead, try.  Look at every face in the image below and not think, “I wanna try out for cheerleader!”.  Total FUN!  Okay, I met my new boyfriend.

He was having so much fun under that big old blow up skull.  Running back and forth like pro.  And that hair!  With those cheeks!  And those canckles!  IN LOVE!  Anyone know who’s kid this is?  He’s absolutely ADORBSVILLE!  The YFL footballers were waiting for their big run across the field.  The excitement in their eyes was so contagious!  You could feel how excited they were!  Big boys?  You remember that feeling?  When you LOVED football like you do know, and you didn’t have a clue that people were judging you and how you ran?  You could just let it go and be YOU?  Kids are GREAT!  They truly are.  Just check these two out below.And these two!  They were excited for their field time as well!
Okay, I hadn’t had the chance to meet our new superintendent yet.  But this is is wife below and she’s got THE BEST FACE!  Check out that expression!  So much fun!  I wonder if she teaches? I think I remember them introducing here and she does.  His name is Keith Bryant, and he was on our loud speaker welcoming everyone and he accidentally called us the Panthers instead of Pirates.  It was a great icebreaker and HELLO!  They guy was a Panther at his last place for 6 years.  So, who can blame him?  It was a fun moment and he handled it with grace and humor.  I think he will fit in just fine in the Pirate Nation.  Either way, I like their faces.Ahhh….LOVE THIS!!!  All that excitement came running out all at once!  And I must confess to standing there and just living in that moment for a while as the little ones SCREAMED when they ran by and I could honestly feel the wind on my face when they did!  And not all of it was from the storm.  These little bodies rushed up a good wind as well!  GO LITTLE PIRATES!I won’t include all the photos of the athletes being announced and receiving their “varsity letters”.  You can view those on the Cooper Gallery all you want.  And I broke them up into 2 groups so the loading time would be FOREVER on your smart devices.  I had quite a few students complain about that.  But I will keep sharing fun moments from our Meet the Pirates.  Uh, oh…HAPPY HAIR!  You know how I love me SOME HAPPY HAIR!!!!Okay, I’m out of words, and out of time.  Tonight there’s some football over in Idalou and I hope to make the game!  Maybe I will see some of you there and if I do, don’t hesitate to say his and let’s take a selfie or two.  Life is two short not to capture it and it will help me miss my girls a little less.

Love does,



the one where Kasey plays tennis


Kasey is the daughter of some very good friends of ours.  Not good friends in the way that you know everything about their lives and involved with them heavily.  But good friends in that you’ve known them forever and they are wonderful people who have your back.  Completely.  That’s how I feel about this girl.  I’ve watched her grow up and become this beautiful young lady!  And I knew she was on the tennis team for Monterey, but I had never gotten the chance to watch her play.

Yesterday I did!

And she did not disappoint!  The girl is good!  You really are Kasey!  I totally enjoyed watching you as well as photographing your game!  Maybe I’ll catch your sister slamming that ball soon?

Now before I get hate mail from the Pirate Nation, as Cooper was playing Monterey, please understand that I’ve know Kasey longer then I’ve been a Pirate.  So, I wasn’t betraying my Cooper Family, I was only opening up everything a bit more.  And I have plenty of pictures from our awesome Cooper kids on the gallery as well.  Head on over to www.kbedz.com to see.

And photographing tennis was fun!  I’ll be back to photograph some more.

Love does,



the one with the really BIG blog post about Lubbock Cooper

A year ago I was on a couch, struggling to move and go about my day. Today?  Let’s see, I woke up, worked in my office.  Walked a mile, swam and jumped around, (for more steps on my fitbit…more on that later) and then came inside and cooked.   A year ago, everyone had to bring me food because cooking made me puke.  Or I didn’t have the energy to get up and stand there and cook.  Oh, it wasn’t completely awful, but it was close. Just not fun. This year?  This year is fun.  Majorly fun!  Not even kidding. WATCH OUT WORLD, I’m back and ready to roll! I’m very proud to announce the LUBBOCK COOPER GALLERY.  (www.kbedz.com) A home for all things I shoot and cover for the Pirate Nation to live.  And live well I might add.  Here’s some details to help you along.

  • The gallery is smart phone and tablet ready.  Woo Hoo!  You can view, download web size files AND share the gallery with people you love.
  • You can order prints or large size files from the gallery as well.   Simply click an image you love and then click the little shopping cart.  There’s some options in the drop down window.
  • All prints will be shipped via USPS (post office) in 2 weeks.  Digital files are available immediately.
  • Galleries might expire, so, please be aware of that.  Right now, I’m leaving things up for a while, you know until everyone gets their feet wet and used to the place.  But if the expense of hosting 1000′s of Pirate photos gets too expensive,  I’ll have to expire each gallery after a few weeks.  Don’t worry, you will be notified.
  • If you think you like a few of the images and want them forever, don’t hesitate!  Go ahead and download or purchase right away.   This is the one time with spontaneous buying pays off.

Okay, next subject. I was talking to a few folks at the scrimmage last night and the term “high school hero” came up.  Ever heard someone use that?  I’ve heard my kids use it, but this was the first time someone other then my kids said those words.  I personally don’t get bad feelings from those words. After all, high school hero sounds good.  Like the cute guy in the hall who carries your books.  Or the cute guy that helps you find your way that first day of school, you know, just CUTE GUYS in general.  ha…apparently my heroes were cute guys!  LOL  But after being explained to me by my “oh, we ARE smarter then you” child, it’s not a good thing. WHAT? It basically means, someone who hangs on to high school dreams and lives like they are still in high school. insert blinking blank stare emoticon. Ahhh…I see now.  But I’d like to put my own spin on it and rephrase the term.  Instead of high school hero, what about HOMETOWN HERO? My two have graduated and I couldn’t stay away last night.  Cooper is home to me.  When a football kid texted me to say there was a scrimmage at home Friday night, I found myself driving there.  I just couldn’t stay away.    It’s where my babies grew up and met some incredible teachers, administrators, and forged deep bonds and friendships in the classroom and the court.  Cooper will always hold a special place in our hearts.  So, maybe a new phrase is needed when I photograph and blog some of my favorite Cooper peeps, both currently walking the halls of Dear Old Cooper High and those that aren’t. Those that take the time to come back and share their lives and time with the Pirate Nation shall forever be called, Hometown Heroes.  I photographed a few last night.  Keep scrolling to spot a few. Love does, Kristin