the one with the BIG ASS fireworks show @ Pirate Stadium

Last night… 

There are moments when I’m so happy and proud to be a Pirate!  Last night was one of them. The Pirate Nation was filled with Americans celebrating the 4th of July!!!  Cars and people were everywhere!  Social media was lighting up like crazy!  Everyone was visiting and sharing and taking selfies and just enjoying the evening. 

My family enjoyed it, too. The girls and Devin came after the Bull Stop closed. Grandma and Chief joined us as well.  We parked at St. Ramon’s and watched for well over an hour. Then we ran into my Fed Ex guy (and Brett Salas’s uncle, ahhh!  What’s his name?!?!) and visited with them for a while. They were having a party across the street. And after the show, they walked the parking lot and picked up all the trash that was left behind. Not ours of citrate, but how cool are they?!?!  

That’s what I love about West Texas towns. SLATON and Cooper look out for each other. Pray for each other. Celebrate each other. 

Happy Birthday America!  And thank you, Grimes Dentistry. Awesome show!!!  

Love does,



The one where I blog from my phone

My blog is really pissing me off. I can’t post pictures from the desktop version but from the app?  No problem. It’s driving me crazy. But I need to blog!!!  So I’m trying from my iPhone. Not easy when you have fat thumbs like me.

We celebrated Father’s Day with some cooking. Yep. When you juice non-stop you plan all your celebrations around food. And you dream it about it. Oh how you dream about it!  Lol 

Devin slow cooked some ribs and chicken and I threw together a few sides. I don’t eat meat and haven’t for a couple of years. But when the man slow cooks some yard birds, I can’t resist!  So I “cheated” a bit.  

Okay I cheated a lot. Hello!  I also made some homemade chocolate brownies that were total YUM!!!  So, no meat but definitely calories. 

The girls had given Devin his gift earlier in the day.  4 of the top rated beers in the country. Super cool for him!  He’s really getting into all these beers thanks to the Bull Stop. 

Only thing that could have been better?  Hugging my own Dad. 

Happy Father’s. Day!




The one with The Lovold Family

My sister lives in Long Beach, CA.  She has three kids that I think are absolutely AMAZING.  Almost as much as I think my kids are AMAZING.  They run a pretty close 2nd.  They do!  She home schools and works full time from her home as an accountant and just seems to “have it all together” even though she will tell you differently.  And I love her and them so!  So very  much!  I don’t see them enough.  Not near enough.  Recently I photographed Amy + Jerome’s sweet Malibu wedding out there and stayed a few extra days so I could spend time with them.  I was so happy when they managed to squeeze in some time for family portraits.  Here’s a sneak peek!

Love Does,


PS  Anyone using Apple Music?  I’m enjoying the heck out of it!  Right now?  I’m listening to Piano Guys while I blog.


the one with the Houston skyline

I spent Monday night photographing these two.  Are they not just the cutest?   Emily + Jordan are getting married next year in Lubbock and needed engagement pictures.  They were inviting, welcoming, sweet, and so much fun to finally meet “in the flesh”.  They have an amazing sense of style and I secretly want to shop in Emily’s closet.  Wait…or maybe Jordan’s?  Either will do very nicely.

Enjoy the sneak peek and maybe we can do Monday night again real soon.  Next time, my treat!

Love Does,