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The one with The Lovold Family

My sister lives in Long Beach, CA.  She has three kids that I think are absolutely AMAZING.  Almost as much as I thinkView full post »

the one with the Yetti Koozie

I would love to post pictures from Father’s Day, but HELLO!  My blog is broken, AGAIN.  UGH…View full post »

the one with the Houston skyline

I spent Monday night photographing these two.  Are they not just the cutest?   Emily + Jordan are getting married nextView full post »

the one where I lock my keys in my car in the middle of Brittany + Kyle’s engagement session

I locked my keys in my car during a session on Father’s Day. Let that soak in for a minute.  Yep.  Father’sView full post »

the one where Macy + Carlyle get married at Cotton Creek Barn in New Home

I don’t remember things always at first.  I just don’t.  You can jog my memory and then sometimes I do, andView full post »

the one with the WPJA Q1 Contest Results

I’m happy to announce I’m a member of the WPJA.  The Wedding Photojournalist Association.  I believe inView full post »

The one with the fairytale for a wedding speech

This sweet girl above was totally precious in every way possible. Yesterday before the wedding started, sheView full post »

the one where Ashley + Robert get married

I’m spoiled rotten.  Yep!  Two weddings in one week.  Wait!  I have another wedding to photograph on Saturday, soView full post »

the one where Rich and Sally get married

These Wall weddings are like none other anywhere.  They simply aren’t.  It’s like you enter a differentView full post »

the one where we hang out in Wall, Texas

I’m in Wall, Texas folks!  Wall!  The Dierschke Family is having another wedding and I wouldn’t miss itView full post »

The one with Jordan and her Family

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction youView full post »

It’s Powder Puff Time, HELLO!

You know it’s summertime when Powder Puff is happening!  HELLO!   It can get intense!  It can get CRAZY!  It canView full post »

the one with Jordan and the bowtie

There’s been so many cool clouds lately with all our “spring weather”.  Just INTENSE, really.View full post »

she’s adorable…and I can’t stop taking images of her

I mean seriously?  How cute is she?  I just want to wrap her up in sweet goodness and sniff her all day.  She’sView full post »

the one with the windy prom day

In West Texas, it’s just expected.  We don’t get a “gentle breeze” ever.  We do everything bigView full post »

the one with Monterey Prom 2105

HELLO!  I’m a day behind deadline, but the first gallery of MONTEREYPROM.COM has published!!!  WOO HOO!View full post »

the one with those wonderful torrence kids

From the red hair to the curls to the energy, I LOVE everything about this family!  Thank you, Torrence’s forView full post »

the one with sweet baby blayke

I have perks in my profession.  I get to travel quite frequently and work in other states.  I love that!  I enjoy theView full post »

Have you ordered your PROM PICS yet?

Gallery Expiring Soon!!!  CLICK HERE TO VIEW AND ORDER!!!View full post »

the one with First Communion

I love our church!  It’s home to me.  And recently I had the pleasure of photographing First Communion there.  ItView full post »

the one where Amy married Jerome at The Bel-aire Bay Club

I’m currently in Long Beach visiting with family and just didn’t have a lot of time yesterday to get theseView full post »

the one where I’m in Cali photographing a wedding

I am currently in California photographing Amy + Jerome’s wedding, which means I get to see my family.  It neverView full post »

the one with human foosball

LUNA held the 3rd annual Fish Fry + Foosball Tournament this past weekend.  It was a first for me to attend andView full post »

the one with Abigail, GRAD 2015

I seriously have a problem when it comes to photographing seniors.  I want to blog ALL the images to show you becauseView full post »

The one with my walk this morning, because it’s all about the dogs

sniffing butts on 7630 Look at his face in that first one? Friendly. Inviting!  Those ears!View full post »

the one where I talk about juicing

Yeah. You read that right. Juicing. I started juicing. I mean honestly?  You probably aren’t surprised. OnceView full post »

This is a test

this is only a test. For the next 60 seconds, I will test out this stupid ap on my iPad to see if I can indeed blogView full post »

the one with Charlsie in a pretty red top

I’m crossing my fingers this blog post goes through. I’m still in New Orleans and working at a conferenceView full post »

the one with my trip to New Orleans, the NPECA

I’m in New Orleans photographing a conference here.  It’s raining and wet, but the people are great andView full post »

the one with Amber, Monterey Grad 2015

I’m loving meeting all these puppies!  I recently added a question on my contact section of my website,View full post »

the one with Ryan in the field, Frenship GRAD 2015

STOP!  Look at Ryan up there being all sexy!  HELLO!  I’ve known Ryan’s family, mainly his sister, whoView full post »

The One with Cooper Prom, 2015

 CLICK HERE TO VIEW PROM PHOTOS!!!! How cute are these two?  HOW CUTE!  I love photographing Cooper’s PROM andView full post »

the one with the Douglas Family and their dog

Meet the Douglas Family.  I know them through Miss Lillie up there next to Cutter.  Am I spelling your name right,View full post »

the one with the Behnke BBQ, Easter 2015

It’s very strange to have Easter without Kalyn.  Very strange indeed.  Don’t get me wrong!  It was still aView full post »

the one with an engagement at Texas Tech

Notice something missing from the Jones Stadium?  How about those seats?  Katie + Zach are getting married later thisView full post »

the one where I visit Rebekah in Denver

I went to Denver last month for a “progressive dining experience”.  Hello!  Come to Denver and eat?  Why,View full post »