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    Welcome to my blog. (aka: photo journal) I’m Kristin and I’m a documentary wedding photographer that lives in Lubbock, Texas. If you are getting married, you need to call me or email me. I take kick butt photos. Keep scrolling.

    FYI: laughter is the BEST! And never take your self too seriously. If you do, it hurts.

the one with a few personal pictures

I’ve been spending a lot of time with the view above.  Either one the side with my feet in, or my entire body in.  Just enjoying this pool as much as I can.  Kalyn strung the lights up for me at the beginning of the summer.  I love them and they make me happy.  It’s a great place to be at the end of your day. Is’s Monday and I’m at The Bull Stop in Slaton working for the girls.  They usually work Mondays but they are in Dallas hanging out with their Bednarz Cousins enjoying a mini-vacation together.  I’m sure they are hot and sweaty and laughing.  A lot!  I’m jealous. I found them like this last week.  (see below)Apparently, these are all the rage.  Hammocks to hang out in.  Summer will find a place to hang out in TCU.  I’m sure many of the kids will have them.  I’ve never cared for hammocks.  Not the kind that cup you anyway.  I must have had a bad experience as a child or something.  But I much prefer just being on the ground on a towel or maybe sitting on a stump instead.  I’ve been in my office editing away.  Of course I always have images to work on and things to do for clients.  It keeps me busy and I’m so very thankful I’m able to do long stretches of editing.  So much different then last summer when I would spend an entire week on the couch with no energy and an even worse disposition.  Life is good right now.  I hope it stays that way. The little green bag above reminds me of Kermit the frog.  Not because it’s green, but because it’s felt and I think he’s felt like.  Or his skin is.  The shot below, the pattern on a card.  I love it.  I would love to have a wall like this somewhere in my life.  Just fun really and I never get tired of looking at it like I do a lot of things.  It reminds me of feathers.Random shot of the inside of Bolton’s.  Does anyone else go there?  I call my mom when I’m waiting in line and she’s so jealous that we have places like this in Texas.  She says if she was younger she’d open on in California.  We get our groceries sacked here at Market Street and  carried out to our cars.  AND they offer us drinks at our oil changes and we get to stay in our cars. Very nice.The picture below makes me smile.  And I get excited!  It’s of a friend who was baptized this weekend.  He’s been baptized before, but wanted to do so in front of his kids.  Great moment!  And I’ve been praying for him and excited for him.  Gosh!  I’m Catholic now, but I remember when I was baptized as a kid.  Such an AWESOME exciting feeling!Sweet Miss Marie in my garage before leaving for their Cousin’s trip.  How pretty is she?Yesterday I had the pool to myself.  Felt a little guilty, really.  I had finished editing 2 sessions and was uploading images and had a few minutes.  Sure I could have cleaned the kitchen or folded a load of laundry, but I chose this instead.  I was glad I did.  Can you tell my toenails are 2 different colors?  Yeah, I had forgotten about that as well until I took this photo.  I have a photo of me and my sister and mom in my office.  I was working on the feathered bangs.  LOLThe girls are driving my car so I got the bug.  I don’t mind the bug.  She’s dirty though.  Geez…and check out my neck.  Girl needs some sandblasting done. Chemo really wrecked some havoc, not to mention life and the sun.  But oh, how lovely the sun! Happy Monday!

the one where I talk about “portrait sessions”


I keep looking in his eyes.  He’s such a boy!  Just look at that energy and spirit!


It’s been a busy couple of months.  Heck, it’s been a busy couple of years.  I’m worn out.  Depleted I feel.  But that’s just the beer I just drank and the late night of watching True Blood talking.  When will I learn? I think it’s so important to document your family.


My family will change dynamically in the next couple of weeks.  It will just be Devin and I at home and the girls, both of them, will be at school.  In different cities, all of us.  And life as we know it, will never be the same.  We could sale the house, hopefully, and they won’t come home to what they’ve known for the last 5 years.  And I’m OK with that.  I really am. I want to get my camera out in the next few weeks and try to remember what this time feels like.


You should do the same.  Or email me to set up a time to photograph your family.  I would love to do so.


Love does,


the one with the Hartman Family

This little fella is Nyle.  He’s the newest member of our Bednarz Family.  Jill had another baby, and we couldn’t be happier for their family.  A BOY joined the ranks!  It’s been a while and his big sisters Clara and Ansley, I’m sure are completely pumped!  Okay, so pumped may be a strong word, but regardless of the new sibling’s sex, they have someone new to dress up and play with!  A real life doll!

They were in town for a wedding, (Allyson got married!) and I had the chance to finally meet him.  He’s 10 weeks old, I think.  And oh, so cute!  We spend about an hour together, family included as well and Aunt Barbara’s yard worked just fine.  I love it when that happens.  When you don’t have to load up the car and go anywhere else.  I love it for the mom and the mom alone.  Well, both parents really.  The less hassle they have to go through to get a family portrait, the better.

So backyard portraits can be the best thing!BIG blue eyes and such a great disposition.  He’s completely laid back, unless you step on him or something.  Not like that happened, but with 2 older sisters, you can bet he knows how to scream.  LOL

I think he looks like Ansley.  Wait.  Or is it Clara?  Gosh, who knows.  But the little guy is just beautiful!  You know, for a boy.  Beautiful for a boy!Hi, there, little sweetie!  Yes, I’ll be your Huckleberry!  Can you just see him saying that in his head?  He was kind of singing to me right here.  He’s at that age where he’s aware of his voice and he coos and sputters and it’s oh, so sweet! The shot above?  ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITE SHOTS EVER!  HELLO!  I love it!  And these two share a room, I believe.  So, BONUS.  Jill, blow this one up for their wall!!  I’m not sure if the dresses match their room decor, so if they don’t, go black and white.  But either way, LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  So much fun!  And little girls with curls are my favorite.  Just look at the curls on Ansley below.Thank you, Hartman Family.  You did GREAT!

On a side note, out house is still for sale.  Yep.  Call your relator NOW if you are looking to buy in the Cooper school district.  We are moving back to the farm!  I was at first, not happy about this one bit.  But now that I’m recovering and doing oh, so much better, the idea has grown on me.  And really, it’s just a house. It’s not the “home”, if you know what I mean.  And I kind of think you do.  And this would be a great house for a young family.  I know, it’s great great for mine.

Love does,



the one with more puppies

The puppies go back to their homes today.  Sometime today.  I’m not sure when?  It’s been work, yes, but puppies are always fun!  It’s been unusually cool these past few days, so they slept outside on the patio for the most part.   It totally makes cleaning up the messes so much easier, as well.  We sit out there with them and just enjoy watching them play and learn.  So much fun!  They each have completely different personalities!   One or two love the water hose when I wash off the patio.  They come running and prance through the puddles.  The last one, does not, and usually runs the other way.  Kanga loves them!  She herds them to different areas of the patio, the house, the yard.  Eventually she tires and lays down and they come running, jumping all over her and she loves on them.  She’s helped keep them busy so they don’t whine too terribly much.

These first few images, you can see the water balled up on them and how relaxed they are just sitting and waiting for what is next.  One, the large male, is a completely relaxed and seems to be a sleepy puppy.  He can go for a while, but will all the sudden simply lay his head down, wherever he is, and sleep.  Darling really.

I think 2 are still available for purchase.  Just message me if you are interested.  Super cute dogs!

the one with the Houchin Party Booth


I love the Party Booth!

And the pictures from this weekend’s Party Booth are now ready for your viewing pleasure.  Simply click the link below.